Colyer Lake

I am a little (more than) obsessed with lakes. I even made sure our wedding venue was near a lake so we could take lakeside photos on our wedding day. And you bet that one day I will build a home within walking distance to a lake. Perhaps this obsession with lakes stemmed from living in Minnesota, or the land of 10,000 lakes. My husband and I spent our first date strolling Centennial Lake. And whenever I needed to clear my head, I take a walk at Lake Calhoun. So you could imagine how grateful I am that we have a beautiful lake in Centre County. Colyer Lake spans over 77 acres of land that includes a 2.7 mile hiking trail for walking, hiking, biking, and even horseback riding! I love that there are stepping-stone stream crossings as part of trail. And bring along binoculars for bird watching as there are over 200 species of birds spotted at Colyer Lake! The lake is also open to public boating and fishing – largemouth bass, chain pickerel, panfish and catfish are the popular varieties. Beyond being a fantastic recreational area, Colyer Lake is breathtaking for photography! Whether it’s the overgrown green grass during the summer, vibrant foliage in the fall, or dazzling white snow covered trees in the winter, Colyer provides a picturesque landscape year round. And indeed, you can even go into the water for fun photos with a vibrant sunset as your backdrop! 

Photos at   Colyer Lake

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Nhi is a portrait photographer serving State College, PA and surrounding communities. Nhi captures photographs that let you re-live your joy, love, and light with intentional artistry. Her creative work has been published in State College Magazine and featured at Bellefonte Art Museum. Also a professor at Penn State, Nhi is committed to creating a positive impact in Happy Valley – be that through beautiful photographs or investing in future students through her scholarship. 

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