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Hi! I am so excited that you're interested in having me as your guide to help you build the business of your dreams - one that is both meaningful and profitable. If you are uncertain of where to get started, please reach out for a free consultation and we'll figure out together what is best as your next step. If investing in your business education isn't in the cards right now, enjoy my one-year reading plan for free! Enjoy!
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Resources & Coaching

Website Audit

I will provide you with a thorough critique of your website, including tips on how to improve your user experience, optimize your images, and SEO.

Portfolio Audit

I will give recommendations for creating a stunning gallery, such as what images to include, what to leave out, and how to pair images to give the most impact to each individual image.

Coaching: The Importance of Light

You know that light is the first priority. But how do we achieve that ideal? What to do when there's harsh or spotty lighting? What to do when it's a cloudy day? What to do when we're shooting indoor? My one-on-one coaching program will teach you how to make critical lighting decisions with confidence, so that you will always produce beautiful images no matter the time of day or location.

Email Templates

You don't need to draft every single email from scratch. Over the years, I have fine tuned my templates to reply to leads quickly, efficiently, and with a personal touch. I'm so excited to share with you my templates for both portrait and wedding clients. Please note that my pricing guides are not included in the email templates.

Ideal Client Workbook

Do you struggle with figuring out who your ideal client is or understanding how to market to them? My workbook not only will help you identify your ideal clients, but also give you a framework to reach branding clarity. When your marketing message is clear, you will attract the right clients and become a lead magnet!

Coaching: Posing that Builds Trust

Did you know that posing has the biggest impact on your client experience? I will teach you how to communicate to build trust, establish authority, and win over even the toughest clients. And of course, I will show you how to develop your own posing flow so you're never stuck at your next photoshoot!
Nhi Thai Photography published in State College Magazine Nhi Thai Photography featured at Bellefonte Art Museum Nhi Thai Photography published in Senior Style Guide Magazine Nhi is an invited speaker for Penn State CommAgency Nhi Thai Photography published in The Honest Lens Magazine
Nhi Thai Photography is published in
State College Magazine!

Nhi is a wedding and portrait photographer serving State College, PA and surrounding communities. Nhi captures photographs that let you re-live your joy, love, and light with intentional artistry. Her creative work has been published in State College Magazine and featured at Bellefonte Art Museum. Additionally, Nhi was a finalist for the Pennsylvania Wedding Awards 2020. Also a professor at Penn State, Nhi is committed to creating a positive impact in Happy Valley – be that through beautiful photographs or investing in future students through her scholarship. 

Introducing Dr. Nhi Thai Scholarship