Penn State Old Main

When students book a graduation session to celebrate their accomplishments at Penn State, Old Main is always top of mind. When first constructed in the 1860s, Old Main housed classrooms, laboratories, offices, a chapel, and residential space for up to 400 students. Today, Old Main serves as the administrative center of Penn State. But perhaps more importantly, it serves as the icon of Penn State (beyond the lion shrine). The bell tower was a gift from the Class of 1904. The armillary sphere has its origin in Greek mythology. According to the myth, Atlas carries the world on his shoulders. When Atlas grew tired, he would place the world he carried on a turtle. This was the very idea for the armillary sphere, built in 1969.

You have probably seen countless graduation photos at Old Main. Perhaps some of these photos may appear a bit trite to you. Fortunately, because I offer a customized experience and tailor each session to your values and story, these images are fresh each time. I love that each of my seniors create something fun and unique to them, even though the building remains the same.

Old Main is truly beautiful year-round. The spring blooms are gorgeous. The fall leaves are vibrant. The winter snow so magical. And the green grass of summer is ever so fresh. You truly can’t go wrong when having your photo session at Old Main. Beyond the natural scenery, the beautiful architect truly grasps one’s attention. Tall, stunning columns. Majestic steps. Elegant arch double doors. Ambient lighting. Truly, a beautiful space to reflect upon your achievement!

PS: There is free parking at Old Main. Let me know if you need instructions on where to park. 🙂

Photos at Old Main

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