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The Pennsylvania Military Museum was opened in 1969. Situated in Boalsburg, PA, the story of the militia unit starts with Theodore Davis Boal. An architect by training, Boal moved to Paris in 1890s to study art. There, he met his wife, Mathilde Denis de Legarde, a niece of the family of Christopher Columbus. Boal later returned to the United States in 1898 with his wife and young son, Pierre. He purchased what was then called the “family farm” in Pennsylvania and settled into the life of an aristocrat. Then, World War I broke out. While the US initially remained neutral in the war, interest and opinions grew. Boal, along with 70+ men, established a volunteer militia group. Boal supplied quarters, rations, uniforms, and horses. The men trained without pay, yet with great enthusiasm. They included faculty, students, and employees from Penn State as well as merchants, clerks, craftsmen, and laborers from the tri-county area. 

Rich with history, the Pennsylvania Military Museum is decorated with a “Wall of Honor” – representations of several military service ribbons that have been awarded to Commonwealth veterans throughout the last century. The museum houses memorials and shrines (both indoor and outdoor) dating back to World War I. From a photographic standpoint, the majestic, tall trees in front of the military museum always serve as an impressive focal point.  I typically recommend The Pennsylvania Military Museum for portrait sessions especially if we have passed peak foliage season. After all, the mighty trees are evergreens. 🙂 Lesser known is the “secret” creek that I love introducing my clients to – the kids enjoy exploring the area with me and climbing on the multiple tanks and dusters on display. This location is always a family favorite! 

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