Hello! My name is Nhi. I am a Penn State professor and photographer in State College. I am committed to creating a positive impact in Happy Valley - be that through beautiful photographs or investing in future students through my scholarship.

Education transformed my life. I grew up in poverty and was only able to achieve my PhD through scholarships. (Read my full story here.) I am delighted to sponsor an annual, merit-based $2000 high school scholarship to help more students attain higher education. To enter, applicants must be a female junior attending high school in Centre County and have a GPA of 3.8 or above.

It is my hope that our community can empower girls to pursue higher education and become change-makers and leaders of the world.

What does a college education mean to you?

Lacie S

Art Teacher

Education means a lot to me because I really value learning. I also feel confident in knowing so much about something I’ve loved (art) since I was very young. It feels amazing to now have the knowledge and skill that prepares me for my dream job.

Eliane M


College education to me is a way to prove to the world that my ancestors’ sacrifice was not in vain. As a black African woman living in America, the ability to go to college was a privilege and I didn’t take that lightly. That was my daily motivation. 

Erha A

PhD Student

For me, a college education means investing in the possibility of having a brighter future, becoming rich in knowledge and expanding my point of view by interacting with people from different cultures and background.

Apply Today

This year's theme is cultivate kindness. Applications are due Monday, March 14th, 2022.

I'm proud to present the scholarship recipient in 2021...

Hopeful.  Determined. Inspired


Allison founded MASTER - a free, online, synchronous program for middle school students to foster interest in STEAM (STEM + Art)! The group's mission is to encourage middle school students to explore areas of interest that are not typically covered at their school level. Allison and her team aim to improve STEAM literacy and increase student engagement with learning through this summer program. Their work received a small fund from the PTSO to provide all students with a Google Cardboard to enrich their learning.

Advice for incoming students

When you get to high school, don’t be nervous. It might seem intimidating, but people are there to help you. Take advantage of the opportunities you have! State High in particular has so many resources, from a vast array of extracurriculars to sports to music to accessibility to Penn State. It’s never too late to develop new passions or to pick up an instrument or to try something you've never done before! And take the time to reach out to those you care about or have lost touch with.

Joy is Sisterhood

One of Allison's favorite moments of joy is folding paper cranes with her sister. 🥰

Congratulations Allison!

Nhi Thai Photography published in State College Magazine Nhi Thai Photography featured at Bellefonte Art Museum Nhi Thai Photography published in The Honest Lens Magazine Nhi Thai Photography is a finalist for The Pennsylvania Wedding Awards 2020 Nhi is an invited speaker for Penn State CommAgency Nhi Thai Photography published in Senior Style Guide Magazine Nhi is a featured student for industry leader Katelyn James Photography Nhi Thai Photography published in Modern Weddings Nhi Thai Photography published in Brides & Weddings Magazine Nhi Thai Photography published in The Creative Collective Magazine Nhi Thai Photography published in The Storyteller Magazine

About   Nhi

Nhi is a portrait photographer serving State College, PA and surrounding communities. Nhi captures photographs that let you re-live your joy, love, and light with intentional artistry. Her creative work has been published in State College Magazine and featured at Bellefonte Art Museum. Also a professor at Penn State, Nhi is committed to creating a positive impact in Happy Valley – be that through beautiful photographs or investing in future students through her scholarship.