How to DIY Dry Erase Wall

If you’re like me, you want to work in a space that inspires creativity and growth. One main summer project for us was to create such a space for our boys in our finished basement. The final piece was a dry erase wall to facilitate our homeschooling objectives. I love how this DIY turned out and am excited to share with you how we did it. 


Dry erase adhesive
Wood trimmings
Wire nails


  1. Apply dry erase adhesive to desired size
  2. Purchase wood trimmings and have them cut to size (we asked Lowe’s to do this for us)
  3. Frame the dry erase area using wire nails 

That’s it! All done! We’re so excited to teach Khai to read, spell, and do math. It’s such a functional space that can grow with him (and Khang). 

More pictures from our playroom: 

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