My Winter Skincare Routine

I know. I know. This feels like it’s coming out of left field. What does skincare have to do with photography? Well, radiant, glowy skin makes for beautiful portraits, non? 😛 When it comes to skincare and makeup, I am very low maintenance. I much prefer being makeup-less. However, that means I need to take care of my skin, especially during the winter when my skin feels super dehydrated. In this blog post, I’ll share my complete routine and how I create an almost spa-like experience at home. My skin feels nourished while I feel completely relaxed. Now, I really look forward to self-care Saturday’s. 🙂 Everything on my list is super affordable as well! You can purchase any item using the clickable links. 

My nighttime routine:

  1. Remove any makeup with micellar water and cottons pads
  2. Cleanse face with a charcoal bar and sonic facial brush 
  3. Enjoy a facial steamer. I love this step and do it 3-5 times a week. It’s like creating your own spa experience at home! It opens up my pores and allows me to get rid of stubborn blackheads. 
  4. Once a week, apply a clay mask for a deep clean. I mix Indian clay and apple cider vinegar in equal ratio. Super effective and extremely affordable. 
  5. Apply toner. I actually haven’t found one I love and hence I don’t have a specific recommendation for you. Do you have one you love? Share with me! 🙂
  6. Moisturize skin with horse oil cream. Never heard of it? You will become obsessed! Hands down the best moisturizer.
  7. Moisturize lips with Nuxe ultra-moisturizing lip balm. Say goodbye to dry lips! 

My daytime routine: 

  1. Wake up skin with a facial ice roller. This is so fun to do! It also helps relieves redness in skin and evens out skin tone. 
  2. Wash skin with water only. Do not use cleanser for your morning routine, as this might over-dry your skin.
  3. Apply toner.
  4. Apply sunscreen. I actually immensely dislike the texture of most sunscreen. However, I finally found one that feels lightweight and does not make me break out. Colorescience
  5. If desired, apply foundation. Of all the high end products I’ve tried, my absolute favorite comes from a drugstore – Maybelline’s SuperStay Hybrid Powder Foundation.
  6. If desired, wear a lipstick. My favorite is from Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER line

That’s it! It may look like a lot. But trust me when I say I am very low maintenance. (My husband never has to worry about me breaking the bank or having a cluttered sink. :P) I wanted to create a routine that is targeted, purposeful, and easy. This is really my all-year routine, but I am more mindful of it during the winter. I hope you enjoy discovering new products and a fun way to nourish your skin!

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