Kindness Advent Calendar for Toddlers

‘Tis the season to be jolly! When I think of joy, I immediately think of acts of service. It has always been my dream to engage in volunteering activities as a family. Unfortunately, with a toddler and infant, these opportunities are harder to come across. It is *not* impossible, however. As Khai is now three years old and can comprehend the bigger picture of Christmas, I am delighted to begin a family tradition of fulfilling a kindness advent calendar. I hope you’ll join me, too!

Print my FREE! template (DOWNLOAD HERE) and write in the dates and activities for your own advent calendar. I have listed below ideas that can get you started. These ideas include recommendations from my local moms’ group and I’m so grateful to be part of such a loving community! When designing your advent calendar, think of activities that are age-appropriate for your children and try to incorporate local charities as well as activities that serve your neighbors and extended families.

  1. Donate a coat to charity and include a happy note in the pocket
  2. Make Christmas cards for your teachers
  3. Donate a book to the free library at the arboretum
  4. Do a chore for money to donate to the Salvation Army bucket
  5. Leave a happy note in mommy’s and daddy’s lunch boxes
  6. Hand a $5 Starbucks gift card to a mom at the diaper aisle
  7. Invite a friend over for a playdate
  8. Bake cookies and bring them to the fire station (Be sure to check with their policy first. If homemade items aren’t accepted, bring in store goods and bottled water)
  9. Video record you singing a holiday jingle and send to a loved one in another town/state/country
  10. Create a Jared Box and donate it to your local hospital
  11. Write nice messages on sticky notes and stick them on random cars at the mall
  12. Invite a neighbor over for dinner
  13. Adopt a letter from Operation Santa
  14. Give a friend a big hug
  15. Create pinecone bird feeders
  16. Help out with yard work
  17. Make a beautiful bookmark and include it in a library book upon return
  18. Donate to the local food bank
  19. Tidy your bedroom and another family member’s bedroom
  20. Play a musical instrument or sing a song at a nursing home
  21. Deliver flowers to a nursing home
  22. Offer to rake your neighbor’s leaves
  23. Sort through your toys and donate gently used ones you no longer play with
  24. Mail grandparents a letter or color a picture that tells them what you love about them

Bonus Tips:

  1. Make sure you add the more involved activities onto your personal calendar so you can plan ahead accordingly.
  2. If you have family visiting, brainstorm ideas that involve them, too!
  3. If your child(ren) need a little extrinsic motivation, you can offer a little sweet *after* the act of kindness is performed.
  4. My advent calendar house is available at Michaels for 50% off (final price under $10). If you prefer something that hangs on the wall, instead, this one from Target might suit you well.

Have fun and spread joy this holiday season! ❤️

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